CBD For Sleep – Can CBD Help You Fall Asleep?

If you’re struggling to get a good night’s sleep, cbd might help. It’s a natural, non-psychoactive component of cannabis that can alleviate pain and anxiety and reduce inflammation. But it’s also been linked to helping people sleep better, according to a new study.

While CBD doesn’t have a direct impact on sleep directly, it may help improve your ability to fall asleep and get a full night’s rest by interacting with receptors in your brain that govern your daily sleep/wake cycle, says Ryan Vandrey, PhD, director of the University of Maryland Medical Center’s Marijuana Research Laboratory. He added that CBD’s effects could be “very beneficial for those who have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep because they’re suffering from pain, insomnia, or anxiety,” so long as it doesn’t interfere with the medications you’re taking and if it’s taken in a low-dose.

It’s important to note that the effects of CBD on sleep are dose-dependent, so it’s best to try small, frequent doses. Moreover, studies have shown that short-term use of CBD can improve insomnia, but the effects may diminish over time.

Some people report that they feel more alert during the day after taking CBD, but this effect isn’t always consistent. Some users have said that they’re able to fall asleep faster after using CBD than they did before. But it’s important to keep in mind that if you’re chronically using CBD, it’s likely to become habit-forming, which can lead to withdrawal symptoms such as sleep disruption.

You can find CBD products in a wide variety of forms, including capsules, edibles, oils and tinctures. But it’s important to make sure you buy from a reputable company that offers high-quality products.

When looking for a product to take to promote sleep, choose a broad-spectrum cbd for sleep oil that contains a mix of cannabinoids, terpenes and other compounds that work synergistically together to boost your sleep quality and decrease the likelihood of you waking up during the night.

The company offers a range of sleep-enhancing products, including a CBD gummy and an oral spray that contains a blend of CBD extracts with sleep-inducing terpenes like linalool and limonene. The gummies and spray are both non-GMO, organic and gluten-free.

Batch is a hemp-based company that has been in business for years and focuses on creating products that deliver fast-acting results. They offer two concentrations of CBD that are backed by third-party testing to ensure they’re safe and pure for consumption.

They’ve also created a line of sleep-enhancing supplements that contain melatonin, which helps your body adjust to your internal rhythms. The supplement also contains a combination of calming essential oils, like lavender and peppermint.

There aren’t many studies that specifically look at how CBD affects sleep, but the results from some are encouraging. One study from 2019 looked at the effects of 25 mg of CBD per day on 72 women with anxiety and sleep issues. The participants reported that the dosage helped them sleep better and reduced their anxiety.