Can Nutrition Deficiencies Be the Cause of Aging and Longevity?

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The advertisements for longevity supplements available in Australia usually mention that they have something to do with boosting a person’s vitality and well-being. Some of these products are even sold under the name Anti-Aging Supplements. But what are they? And how can one use them to look younger?

The ingredients in these antiaging products vary, but most are found in vitamins and minerals. One such mineral is fish oil. People have been eating oily fish since prehistoric times, but recent studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil are particularly important for maintaining good health and increasing longevity. Fish oil contains DHA and EPA, which are essential fats that help to reduce inflammation and stress and promote longevity. In fact, DHA and EPA are saying to delay the aging process, and increase cellular mobility, while decreasing inflammation.

It is possible that the antiaging products work by delaying the effects of ageing on the body. This is not entirely clear, but the studies of older people who took antiaging supplements appeared to show that they were more likely to live longer than those who did not take supplements. If this is true, then there is a correlation between antiaging and longevity. However, scientists are unclear about the precise mechanisms involved.

Another possible way that longevity supplements work is by boosting a person’s immune system. Studies of older people who took a daily antioxidant supplement showed a reduction in the risk of infections, which suggests that the supplement helped to boost the strength of their bodies’ defences. However, the supplements were not found to be particularly effective against cancers or heart disease. Antiaging supplements have also been shown to prevent diabetes and other common diseases.

The best supplements are the ones that contain the most nutrients in the most concentrated forms and thus make no mention of any nutrient deficiency as a reason for the supplement being ineffective. Plenty of vitamins and minerals are good for you, but taking them in dosages too high can have a negative effect, as vitamin D for example. Vitamin D deficiency has been found to contribute to various kinds of cancers. And while some supplements may help you lose weight because of the vitamin D, your general state of health may still be negatively affected.

The most successful supplements are the ones that don’t rely on speculation or on untested theories. The supplements should focus on the study of ageing and longevity. They should look at the connection between nutrition, disease and nutritional deficiencies, and also the effect of external factors such as pollution and stress. And they should provide scientific evidence that the theory is correct. Only then should a company launch an effective anti-aging and life extension supplement, with guaranteed results for its new customers get rich.